2019.10.23 // Adriana Martínez

Carolina: We're double lucky, to have the kind Adriana Martínez that works with Robert, to tell us all about Share the Meal. Thanks for sharing some time and info with us! So, what do we need to know about this exciting project?

Adriana: Share the meal is an award winning app from World Food Programme. It's a simple idea. With one tap on your phone you can donate 50 cents and that would mean a meal for a full day for a child. What is really good about the app, is that you can monitor the campaign you want to help, so if you prefer give your money to an appeal in South Sudan, or you prefer to share a school meal in Lebanon, you can chose what appeal your money will go and then you can track the progress. We made it super easy to anyone who wants to help, and also affordable, because 40 cents is a small amount of money for a lot of people in the world.

C: And you were saying that 40 cents helps a child a day?

A: Yes, it is a whole meal! Actually, for the 2 colleagues from World Food Program that came up with this idea, it was the first insight. They saw that it was really possible to help with only 40 cents. That was the first insight, and the second was that there are 20 smartphone per hungry child, so we really could solve hunger! If anyone who has a smartphone donated 1 meal, we could really feed every one. I think that's the game of Share the Meal. You can download it for free. You have an app news feed, where you can be informed of what's going on. Also, for example, if there is an emergency appeal - a few weeks ago we did it for Indonesia - if something is happening now and you want to help an emergency, you can do it. We also try to connect to the people that you are helping, one option is a monthly subscription that is called "The Table" and for 30€ per month you can know information about a family, and have more information on what's happening.

C: Do you have a newsletter to give feedback on what you're doing?

A: Yes, we really try to have all the transparency has possible and you can really be informed on all the projects that you are helping. Another option that we have and that I think makes a lot of sense with MUBU, is that we have teams in the app. You can create a team, invite all your friends trough social media and create a challenge! For instance, if you want to create a challenge for Christmas and your goal would be 100 meals or, as we had last year, an amazing couple that gave all the money of their wedding and made a challenge that was a million for love! They are actually super close to achieve it! They are really going to achieve 1 million meals for love! You can see the teams, you can create your own team and spread the word with your friends, you can create a challenge and a goal. And if you want to donate to any team, you also can do it. It is also a very good way to connect with people that are wanting to help and fight hunger.

And this is how we end this incredible moment!

Hope you've liked it! And have a great day!