Any day is a good day to do yoga, but on this day, it will be even more than the personal enrichment and all the good feelings we take with us after a class, it will be a solidary practice with several surprises in between.

We don't want to tell you everything here. We want you to have some surprises along the way, during the event, during this special morning that we have prepared. Let's find out what emotions you bring when you arrive and what emotions you take with you when you leave.


Each team of teachers will represent an institution. The team that manages to bring more people to the event, wins for its institution the donation that represents 10% of the total value of tickets sold.


Each team will have the teachers as their guides and from here everyone is invited to support their team and achieve the best possible goal. Upon arrival at the event, each person will have 2 cork stoppers representing 2 votes, which you can place in the box of the team you want. During the event there will be more opportunities to win more votes.

Prepare this experience with tranquility

March 11 to April 21

Inhale with time


April 22 to June 20

Exhale with little time


We want to invite you to CLOSE YOUR EYES, well, actually what we really liked was for you to be blindfolded. Are you with us? Let's listen to our body, sit the ego next to the mat, experiment and see what happens. There is no need to be afraid. We are here and we will make this journey with you! Do you accept the challenge? MADALENA and XICO are the two Ashtanga Yoga teachers and will accompany us on this journey.

And if we start there, by dreaming, after all we were with our eyes closed just a while ago, wasn't it... THANY and FRANCISCO's team wants to help make dreams come true and with this challenge, we want to invite you to put the intention of this practice in your dream, the one that excites you, the one that you cannot fail to have in our life. Done? Great! Now she (yes, She, Life) begins to put the steps for its realization in our path. We just have to follow her. It is necessary to place the intention in the universe with PRECISION and emotion, hand over and let it FLOW! Life will take charge of bringing us what is best for our journey, in every moment.

This journey will let the body rest to immerse itself in what agitates our soul. Of all the times we look for a moment to PACIFY THE MIND, whoever has experienced it, knows that when we finally have that moment, the mind travels in a lagoon of thoughts. LISETTE will guide us with her voice. LUÍS will guide us with every sound. The destiny? Each person will choose its own. The path: the reunion with our interior, with our essence.

Martinhal Cascais Family Hotel

Quinta da Marinha,  Cascais, Lisboa