2021 . Junho a Dezembro

Este desafio é um sonho realizado: ter uma marca associada à MUBU para apoiar uma instituição de benficência! E realizar este sonho a apoiar a Dress For Success Lisboa é um prazer gigante! A nossa marca parceira é a HiLash, localizada em Cascais! A Margarida Pedrosa é a fundadora e juntou-se a nós neste desafio, sem pestanejar!

A partir de hoje e até ao dia 1 de Dezembro (2021), cada vez que forem fazer as vossas pestanas (quem ainda não experimentou, esta é uma óptima oportunidade), a cada cliente que quiser contribuir com 1€, a HiLash vai igualar este donativo! Até ao dia 1 de Outubro a MUBU vai fazer o mesmo!

Para marcarem as vossas pestanas solidárias, enviem uma mensagem à Margarida (914 012 554) ou através da página do instagram: hilash.bymargaridapedrosa

Mostrem-nos como ficaram e inspirem as vossas amigas!

It was an awesome night. This was NOT THEATRE AS USUAL

What if for ONE NIGHT you could change the course of a story, change chair and perspective? In partnership with Lupa Theater Group, we have prepared a night where we SURPRISED the generous people that accepted our challenge. The audience switched places with the actors and magic happened! With the purchase of tickets for this memorable show, we've supported ACREDITAR, a benefit institution that helps families of children with cancer. It is on their facilities, that a new Home away from Home is born, as well as a new Family.


Teresa Durão is the president of Dress For Success Lisboa. She is a strong and bold woman, that empowers women to grow in every platform of their lives, one may say, a wardrobe at a time, but it is so much more than that!

Robert Opp was at the World Food Programme for 19 years and is currently at the United Nations as Chief Digital Officer. Do you want to know the best and worst moment of his carrer? And what about his opinion on profit and purpose?

Check out who else inspires us and soon we'll have more people and stories for you to discover!